6 things to look forward to going back to work

It’s been a month already since I got back to work and if you think that I’m rocking my new working mom-life in a pencil skirt and 6-inch stilettos, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. For one, I can’t manoeuvre anything taller than kitten heels, and as far as my emotions are concerned, I think my toddler is less melodramatic about going to daycare than me getting ready to work. It’s not all me, folks. I usually have better resilience than this, and I blame the holiday season for my inefficacious behavior. Christmas holidays and long weekend made me cozy and comfortable in pyjamas that I clench my fist having to put on my work clothes. (more…)

Winter /Holiday themed cloth diapers

Winter is in full swing here in Saskatchewan and pretty much every other part of Canada. The freezing temperature is sucking out all my holiday cheer and makes me want  to jump into the bed and never get out. Alas, life goes on, vacation days come to an end and I need to bundle up and […]

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omaiki nighttime training pants hero giveaway

Do you have a little one potty learning? Perhaps you have an older child who needs nighttime protection. Mama Banana’s Adventures has tested out many overnight trainers and loves the Omaiki HERO! Made in Canada and available in a large range of sizes & prints, this trainer can be customized for absorbency and has a […]

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