Month: August 2017

Colibri Go Everywhere Tote Review & Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is part of the Falling for Cloth hop. Be sure to visit all the other blogs on the list below and see what they’re giving away, including the grand prize (a Diaper Junction gift package) at Zephyr Hill.

I had my eyes on the Colibri Go Everywhere Tote for a very long time. I was anxiously waiting for it to go on sale at my favourite retailer and scored one when it did. Colibri Go Everywhere Tote is the perfect size to hold all my on-the-go necessities. It has totally replaced my Jujube BFF. Now, my diaper bag stays in the car and I take my Tote wherever I go. I like to pack cloth diapers, wipes, changing outfits for both the kids in separate wet bags and carry them in the Tote. This Tote can hold tons without looking bulky and feeling heavy. It is sleek and stylish. The colours and patterns are fresh and eye-catchy. (more…)

Ameda Manual Breast Pump Review

A good quality breast pump is a must-have when you embark on your breastfeeding journey. Ameda manual breast pump was my first breast pump purchase when I was expecting Little Man. After a lot of brain wrenching, I settled on this pump and I’m not disappointed. After 2 years of pumping, rinsing and repeating, it is […]

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I love to travel. I find it extremely gratifying to my inner self to explore new places. I didn’t want to give up travelling after having kids. Of course, it’s harder than travelling solo, but it’s doable. If travelling with one kid is harder, we doubled our stakes of losing our sanity when we braved out […]

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