6 things to look forward to going back to work

It’s been a month already since I got back to work and if you think that I’m rocking my new working mom-life in a pencil skirt and 6-inch stilettos, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. For one, I can’t manoeuvre anything taller than kitten heels, and as far as my emotions are concerned, I think my toddler is less melodramatic about going to daycare than me getting ready to work. It’s not all me, folks. I usually have better resilience than this, and I blame the holiday season for my inefficacious behavior. Christmas holidays and long weekend made me cozy and comfortable in pyjamas that I clench my fist having to put on my work clothes.

6 things I'm looking forward to going back to work
Me on a Monday morning
I’m trying so hard to keep up my spirit; I made a list of winter cloth diapers. When that wasn’t enough to get me out of my doldrums, I’m making another of a list of privileges that I get to enjoy as a working mama.

Adult Conversation :

One thing I utterly missed during my nearly two years of life as a Stay at Home was some intellectual adult conversation; you know the kind of topics that didn’t involve discussing the color of my baby’s poop or all the places my toddler peed in. My intelligent quotient had shrunk to the radius of my toddler’s pinky, and it was very stimulating to work out the dormant grey areas of my brain.

Hot Cup of Coffee:

‘I enjoy my hot cup of coffee fresh out of the pot’ said no Stay at home mom ever. I have treated my sanity-saver with nothing but disrespect. I can finally give all the honor that this cup of elixir deserves. I can sit down in a chair, take in the lingering aroma of the freshly brewed coffee and drink it without having to yell ‘No’  in between each sip.

.6 Things to look forward to going back to work

Uninterrupted meals :

I forgot what’s like to treat my taste buds to warm food. How do kids know that it’s time to poop when they hear the microwave ding?  Now I can finish my meal without having to share it with my toddler and not worry about dropping food crumbs over the baby glued to my chest.

6 Things to look forward to going back to work

A quick trip to the mall:

Shopping with two kids in tow is like diffusing a time bomb, you never know when it’s gonna blow on your face. That’s why I love my quick trips to the nearby mall during my lunch break. I can aimlessly wander through the shops, try on a dress or two and not have to worry about diaper changes, nursing breaks or toddler tantrums.

6 Things to look forward to going back to work

Some ‘ME” time:

There is not enough  ‘ME” time when you’re a stay at home mom. Not when the kids are sleeping; that’s when the dishwasher is loaded and dinner gets done. Not even when you’re hiding in the bathroom and browsing Facebook; there is a toddler impatiently banging the door and a baby screaming at the top her voice. Apart from my lunch break, I get 30 minutes of travel time every day, five days a week and I use this time very wisely. I take a nap, catch up with friends, read a book or listen to music that isn’t repetitive or rhyming. Oh, I can even learn to knit-Ok, that sounds a little too ambitious!


6 Things to look forward to going back to work

Getting Dressed:

I would love to go to work in pyjamas, but since that isn’t an option, being able to put on fresh clothes that doesn’t smell like last night’s dinner with tiny spaghetti fingerprints all over them, is the next best thing. Plus I get to shower and comb my hair every day – Jackpot!

6 Things to look forward to going back to work

To see my kids:

None of the other things even remotely come close to this one. The best part of my day, is when I pick up Little Man from the daycare. He stretches his arms wide open and comes running to the door screaming ‘Mommy, Mommy!’, the moment he spots my car through the windows. The next best part is how Little Miss jumps out in sheer excitement with big wide grin upon seeing her brother and me. Knowing that my kids missed me and were waiting to be in my arms, is the greatest feeling in this world! The warmth of their snuggles takes away my heartache and gives me the courage to face tomorrow.

6 Things to look forward to going back to work

So there it is – 6 reasons why I’m looking forward to go to work. Leaving your kids and going back to work can be hard! If you’re in the same boat as I am, then leave a comment saying how you’re coping up.

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