My Dear Little Miss,

I had my fears and insecurities about meeting you. I had doubts whether I would be able to love you like I loved your brother. I wasn’t sure if there was enough place in my heart for you, which was colonised by a demanding toddler. But my whole life changed once again, the moment I met you, took you in my arms and kissed your wrinkled cheeks. Then you opened your eyes, to look at me – your mommy, my heart stopped there for a microsecond, only to stretch and devour every piece of you. I never knew how much I could love two tiny beings until I met you. You made me realize that a mother’s heart is like an ocean. It is never-ending, it never dries, overflowing with waves of unconditional love and care for her children.

Not just me, you instantly won your father’s heart and wrapped him up around your tiny fingers. I have never seen him fall head over heels in love for a girl before. His eyes gleamed with tears of joy when you made your grand entrance into this world. You also had another pint-sized visitor, your big brother, though it was not love at first sight, I think he is slowly falling for your charm.

You always had fans following when we took you out. You mesmerize everyone around you with your shiny brown eyes, with a big smile that can light up a Christmas tree and sure to make jaws drop with those beautiful black tresses. I’m sorry I hoarded your closet with all shades of pink, I promise to dress you in anything other than pink (Hmm..may be,when you start to ask for it?). My cloth diaper obsession slightly grew alongside with you – I just wanted to make your that you have diapers in every color to go with your outfit.

You are a quite a bit outdoorsy from a very young age. You tagged along everywhere we took your brother and never complained. You made a trip to the Rocky Mountains and explored the beautiful province of British Columbia all while you were strapped in the car seat or tied next to my chest.You love spending times at the park, or just sitting outside watching your brother throw sand/snow on his head. You would look up to the chirping birds, the dancing trees, and smile when the breeze hits your face.

You enjoy splashing water in the bathtub all over the bathroom. You never seem to care about the expensive educational toys that I got or to stay still until I finish reading a book.. You were always curious about what your big brother does and fearlessly followed every trail that he left behind, although that scares me a little, I love watching you both bond and grow as best buddies.You enjoy being wrestled by him; you burst into giggles when he tickles you and plays peek a boo. You are an enthusiastic eater; you run towards us at the sight of food. You enjoy munching apples, treating yourself to a yogurt facial and picking up the leftover french toast (or whatever) under the high chair. You love clapping your hands and pointing both the fingers and say ‘Pichew’ ( I really don’t know what that means )

My Little girl, your heart is so big, you know nothing but to love. I was feeling antsy about leaving you with your grandparents and head back to work. It seems to me that you have handled it better than I did. You come running to the door the moment you hear footsteps approaching as if you were eagerly waiting to see my face. You jump into my arms and make that your happy place.

You gently rub your eyes and pull your curly hair and tell me that you wanna fall asleep. I rest your head on my chest and rock you to and fro sitting in our favorite chair. You roll up the blanket or my t shirt into the palm of your hand and fall asleep sucking your thumb. My whole world halts at the very moment, and I stop and stare at your beautiful face. I try to capture how peaceful and content you look. I gaze at your soft pinkish cheeks, listen to your rhythmic heartbeat, catch that tiny smile at the corner of your lips when I kiss your forehead.

As I gently whisper ‘I Love You’ into your tiny ears, I sit in awe, not able to believe that my baby girl is already ONE. I’m so blessed to be your Mommy, and I thank God for everything you are and everything you ought to become.

Love you forever,


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