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My 6 Cloth Diapering Mistakes

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Me and my cloth diapers will be soon celebrating our cotton anniversary. Just like every other relationships we’ve had our highs and lows. There are times that I preached cloth diapers from the top of my roof and times when I sneaked some disposable diapers under my baby’s bums. But we stuck together through thick and thin.

Most of my cloth diapering strategies came from hours and hours of Google and trial and error. After using cloth with 2 kids I am not an amateur anymore. But it took a lot of testing, trying and stripping to get here. So in today’s post I am sharing with you all the mistakes that I made that hopefully gives you a better start with cloth. (more…)

How do Onesize diapers fit at 10lbs?

Like many Cloth Diapering Mama’s I had a self imposed conflict about buying newborn diapers or using One size diapers right from the beginning. I make tiny babies and if history repeats itself I knew I won’t be reaching for OneSizes at least for another 3 months. Princess was born at 5 pounds 15 ounces […]

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Newborn cloth diapers at 12lbs

My ittiy bitty baby potatie is not so tiny anymore. She is bouncing out of her fresh newborn stage and flourishing into this beautiful baby girl. She flashes her smile and leaves me dazzled with her battling brown eyes. So I am sad to see her outgrowing newborn diapers with every ounce she gains. So before I […]

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