Cloth diapers

10 cloth diapering no-no's

When you first step into the cloth diapering world, you hear so many opinions floating around. What someone approves, others despise, so and so forth. Some even hand out a perpetual list of Do’s and Don’ts before you even made your mind on Cloth diapering. The truth is, cloth diapering is simple. They are just diapers, that needs to be washed and cared like any other laundry you deal with. While there is no “one’ way to cloth diaper or as a matter of fact, there is no ‘the right’ way to cloth diaper, there are, however, some regiment Don’t that all cloth diapering experts seem to agree with. While I’m no expert, I have learned all this the hard way – through numerous personal goof-ups. After doing all things possible to destroy my cloth diapers, I can safely that if you watch out for these pointers you can have saved yourself some pain from having to deal with leaks, stink, and stripping. (more…)

Mother Ease Wizard Duo night time insert & cover review

Recently my Mom sent me a picture of her beautiful home garden. Blooming buds, colourful shades of pink, red and green looked refreshing to my eyes. Therefore, despite various failed attempts, I decided to grow some plants. I went to a neighbouring home garden store and asked for plants which require little to no maintenance. […]

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