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For this International Baby wearing Week 2017, I’m so thrilled to interview, Anna Baker on my blog. Anna is babywearing educator, postpartum doula, and parenting educator. She lives in Regina, Sask. She helps parents and families find the sweet spot where parenting feels easy – at least some of the time!

“Babywearing is a new emerging trend in the world of attachment parenting” – what are your thoughts about this statement?

I think it’s the exact opposite! Parents and caregivers have been finding ways to carry babies while keeping their hands free pretty much forever. In every culture around the world, you’ll find a rich tradition of babywearing. What we now call “attachment parenting” used to just be called “parenting” – in fact, in many cultures, it is still the norm today. Keeping babies close and responding to their needs is part of human biology – it really makes sense from an evolutionary point of view. Different cultures approach things slightly differently, but what we think of in North America as a new trend is more like the worldwide norm. (more…)

Les Produits De Maya bug spray review

Summer is my favourite time of the year! Warm weather, watermelons, beaches and pools, what’s not to love about them, right? Well, there is one thing that absolutely annoys me – the blood thirsty mosquitos , that swarm around me when the weather warms up. These tiny creatures hate me or should I say, love […]

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