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My Pregnancy Loss story

It was the January of 2014 that I set my foot in this beautiful country of Canada, to be with my husband. About after 1 year of marriage and living apart in two ends of the world, hopes were skyrocketing from both the sides of the family expecting grandkids. We didn’t have any idea to delay it either as I had PCOS and the doctor had advised that sooner I get pregnant the better. Just after our first anniversary, when I was restlessly counting my days for my periods, I instantly felt happy and eager when I missed my periods.I immediately booked an appointment with our doctor and went to meet her the following week. With a positive urine test, the doctor requested a blood work, just to be sure. (more…)

Breastfeeding through Cold& Flu

The sniffle season is upon us. This household is down with cold & flu, all thanks to the toddler, who invited the flu viruses with open arms. He gets super cuddly when he is sick and generously passed the germs to me. Since I’m still nursing Little Miss, there was not much I could do […]

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