5 simple Tips to relieve breast engorgement

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Most new mothers experience Breast engorgement in the first week of breastfeeding. After you give birth, your body works hard to meet the nutrient needs of your baby. Between 2-5 days after delivery, your body starts producing milk. Your breasts begin to feel tender and fuller when your milk ‘comes in.’ All the excess blood and fluids that are needed to make milk are stored in breasts tissues making your breasts bigger and sometimes hard like a stone. (more…)

Breastfeeding through Cold& Flu

The sniffle season is upon us. This household is down with cold & flu, all thanks to the toddler, who invited the flu viruses with open arms. He gets super cuddly when he is sick and generously passed the germs to me. Since I’m still nursing Little Miss, there was not much I could do […]

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My Breastfeeding Journey

When Little Man was conceived inside of me, I would sit in my rocking chair, dreaming of the day when I finally get to hold him and breastfeed. I had a picture perfect image of the beautiful breastfeeding bond that I would share with my baby boy. As soon as he was born, the nurse […]

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