Breastfeeding through Cold and Flu

The sniffle season is upon us. This household is down with cold & flu, all thanks to the toddler, who invited the flu viruses with open arms. He gets super cuddly when he is sick and generously passed the germs to me. Since I’m still nursing Little Miss, there was not much I could do but wait until for the cold to run its course. I’m usually not so good at taking any medicines, you will have to stick it through my throat to make me eat one. So I went about trying all natural remedies known to me (and my Mom). (more…)

My Breastfeeding Journey

When Little Man was conceived inside of me, I would sit in my rocking chair, dreaming of the day when I finally get to hold him and breastfeed. I had a picture perfect image of the beautiful breastfeeding bond that I would share with my baby boy. As soon as he was born, the nurse […]

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Ameda Manual Breast Pump Review

A good quality breast pump is a must-have when you embark on your breastfeeding journey. Ameda manual breast pump was my first breast pump purchase when I was expecting Little Man. After a lot of brain wrenching, I settled on this pump and I’m not disappointed. After 2 years of pumping, rinsing and repeating, it is […]

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