Holiday Gift ideas for babies

Is this your baby’s first christmas? or do you have a friend who is having a Christmas baby? Are you looking for sustainable gifts for your little squish? Well, look no more! I have put together some practical gift ideas that your wee one would need in their first year!

1. Tula blankets:

Holiday gift ideas for babies


These are absolutely the best blankets in the market! We have tried a lot of blankets on my kids, but these albeit a little pricey, worth every single penny! These beautiful blankets are made from 100% bamboo and they come in a set of 3, a print and two complimentary solid colours. There is a print to suit everyone’s taste! They are luxuriously soft, light and airy. Each blanket measures 47 ” by 47″ and are prefect for snuggling and swaddling. I even steal these from my kids sometimes to snuggle up while watching TV!

Shop from Lil Monkey Cheeks | Lagoon baby | The Baby FootPrint

2. Wee Urban apparel :

Holiday gift ideas for babies
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We love our Wee Urban rompers! The fun, gender neutral animal prints are so chic and also very comfortable! The footless style gets extended use and the extra gusset on the bum is perfect to accommodate cloth diapers. Their Sleep bags are the perfect solution to send your wee one to lalaland, safe and sound. These cozy sleep bags comes with an easy 2-way zipper that opens from top and bottoms – making diaper changes a breeze! Wee Urban sleep bags are cozy and breathable! Their ultra-soft organic cotton bandana bib set makes a perfect baby gift. Both sides of the bib are made of soft organic cotton making it super absorbent.With 2 snaps on the back these bis can be adjusted to the right length, plus they come in designs that match their rompers and sleep bags!

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3. Slouchy Beanie:

Holiday gift ideas for babies

Renne at Lil Monkey Cheeks keeps adding fun, high quality, Canadian – made products to her store. These adorable slouchy beanie hats are made with premium knit and is a prefect accessory your little one would need this season! There are stretchy, comfortable and comes in a variety of colours and trendy patterns to choose from . From newborn to toddlers, to kids to adults, there is a beanie to suit the style and size of everyone in the family.

Shop at Lil Monkey Cheeks

4. Newborn cloth  diapers:


Holiday gift ideas for babies

Newborn cloth diapers come in a variety of pretty colours and even prettier prints! There is absolutely nothing cuter than a newborn in an itty bitty diaper! Newborn cloth diapers are a gift that will save you money in the longer run, a healthy, chemical free choice for your baby and they contain newborn runny poop so much better than disposable diapers.Calgary Cloth diaper depot carries a variety of brand of newborn diapers to choose from! Don’t have the budget to spend hundreds of dollars on your newborn stash? Well, Santa has a secret for you! Calgary cloth diaper depot also has rental programs which offers you to try different brand and styles without spending a fortune.


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4. Les Produits De Maya Liniment:

Holiday gift ideas for babies


I cannot talk about Cloth diapers without gushing about Les Produits De Maya Liniment! Liniment and baby’s bum are a match made in Cloth diaper heaven! What is a liniment? It is a natural,organic cleansing liquid made from virgin olive oil and lime water. It makes diaper changes a breeze! No running to the bathroom to wet wipes, no more making wipe solution, just squeeze Les Produitse De Maya liniment to your cloth wipes and caress the poopy bum for a clean,moisturized baby bum. Even if you don’t like the idea of using liniment to clean poop, there are a million other ways to use them To hydrate sensitive newborn skin, to remove cradle cap, for infant massage, to wipe crusty noses,etc.,

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5. Sweetooth Teether :

Holiday gift ideas for babies
This adorable ice cream teether is made of premium high quality food grade silicone that meet’s all your baby teething needs. SweeTooth is a perfect relief for your teething little one, it is freezer safe , eco-friendly and easy to clean. It also help with your little’s ones motor sills. It’s optimal size for your little one’s grasp, helping develop fine motor skills without any glue or adhesives. Be sure to grab an extra pair for older siblings as this sweet teether will be envied and you’re older kid would want to play pretend with it!

Shop at Lollipopkids | Carry me Mommy

6. Peppa bonding doll:

Holiday gift ideas for babies

Peppa bonding dolls are made of organic cotton combining various textures and soft ears. They are great to cuddle with and their knotted hands are perfect for baby to hold on to. Theirs heads filled with pure sheep’s wool, which absorb scents easily. These dolls will absorb scents of baby’s room, of parents, things that are familiar for the baby. Wool is also anti-bacterial , so they are non-toxic and safe to chew on. Peppa is more than just a doll, it becomes your baby’s companion, a comforter, it becomes another character in your baby’s life and it becomes your baby’s best friend.

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7.Pura Kiki bottles:

Holiday Gift ideas for babies
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You search for a 100% plastic free feeding bottles has come to an end. Introducing Pura Kiki infant bottles. These bottles are crafted from safe, anti bacterial , #304 food grade stainless steel and medical grade silicone. These bottles are 100% BPA and thin free. The food grade stainless steel does not leach into the fluids in the bottle. These bottles come in an array of colours – green, pink, blue or the classic stainless steel. These also come in an insulated model that keeps the liquid hot or cold for hours. The best thing about these bottles are they grow with your baby’s needs. That’s right! Pura also sells accessroies like Sippy spout, straw , or a bottle cap that is compatible with all Pura bottles to convert them into a sip cup, straw cup or a water bottle. One cup will get you through all the stages of your baby’s life.

Shop Pura Kiki bottles at The Baby FootPrint | Gentle Nest | Lagoon Baby

8. Bummis Best-ever bib:

Holiday gift ideas for babies

Whether you Baby lead wean or spoon feed, these bibs are sure to keep your baby clean when she starts solid food. These bibs come in a sleeved and sleeveless version and can handle anything you throw at it. Designed in Canada, these bibs area adjustable, long lasting , waterproof and comes with a snap close (instead of the annoying velcro). They even feature a belly pouch to catch all the spilled food.

Shop at The Baby Footprint | Lollipop Kids

9.Delish Naturals Shampoo & Body wash:

Holiday gift ideas for babies

Treat your baby’s skin to this Delish-ious Baby shampoo and Body Wash. Made entirely of the most gentle saponified oils, vitamins and proteins, this is a nut, dairy, gluten, phthalate and sulphate free formulation. You don’t have to worry about any nasty chemicals touching your baby. With no harsh chemicals, these are gentle to use on Eczema prone skin. Delish-ious Baby Shampoo and Body Wash comes is an 8 oz bottle with flip lid, in different subtle fragrances.

Shop at The Baby FootPrint | Gentle Nest

10. Marcus & Marcus Silicone bath toy:

Holiday gift ideas for babies

Marcus & Marcus silicone squirting bath toy is a must have for your little ones! Each squirt is made of BPA free and phthalate free silicone. They come in adorable animal shapes – Marcus the Lion. Pokey the Pig, Lola the Giraffe, Ollie the Elephant and Willo the Whale and other shapes like The Submarine, RocketShip and SeaPlane. Your little one will enjoy bath time with these fun toys. They even open up to air dry and even can be tossed in the dishwasher for a deep clean.

Shop at The Baby FootPrint



11.Petit Coulou Car seat cover:

Holiday gift ideas for babies


Make sure your precious cargo rides safe and warm with this Petit Coulou car seat cover. It is an insulated, shower-cap style cover that has “ribs” on the body, that gives this cover a dome shape. The dome shaped cover ensures air circulation and doesn’t restrict baby’s movements. The cover protects your baby from wind, snow and freezing temperatures. I love using this cover with Little Miss. This cover keeps her warm and toasty even in her pyjamas.

Shop Petit Coulou

Do you have anything specific that you’re looking to get for your little one?





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