Holiday gift ideas for toddlers


With Christmas just around the corner , are you looking for gift ideas for your toddler? You have come to the right place. I have put together some really great products that not only make a great gift but will also get used year around. Also Be sure to check out my Holiday gift guide for babies for more ideas 🙂

Roshamboo sunglasses:

Holiday gift ideas for toddlers

These are by far the best choice for toddler sunglasses! I got these for my son about a year back and they still look just as new as I first bought them. My son wears them less,but play with them more. He twists them,bends them and even chew on them.They are nearly indestructible, very durable, flexible and sun glasses are made in Italy with kids in mind. They offer 100% UVA/B lens protection and certified BPA and Phthalate free.

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Grow with me hoodie:

Holiday gift ideas for toddlers


Tired of buying clothes that gets used a couple of times before your kid’s outgrow them? Then, try this Grow with me Hoodie which will last your kid more than one season. These unique Grow with me Hoodies will grow with your child by folding the waistband and arm cuffs. Choose from the variety of fun unisex patterns or festive seasonal designs. These come in 3 sizes – Small (3-12 months), Medium (1-3 years) and Large ( 3-6 years). Be sure to pick up some matching Grow with me pants from Lil Monkey Cheeks.

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 Jack Mama booties & beanie:

Holiday gift ideas for toddlers

Keep those little toes warm and cozy with Jack Mama’s booties and beanies. Made here in Alberta, these booties are made by a work at home mom, Denise. Booties are made of acrylic wool with grippy sole . The booties also come in ankle length which makes it great for baby wearing. Your toddler can wear them indoors, in a stroller, in a baby carrier or even outside when it’s not wet. Best thing about them is they come in a knot tie closure so your toddler cannot kick them off.

Shop from The Baby FootPrint | Carry Me Mommy.

Grimm’s toy:

Holiday gift ideas for toddlers

Every kid needs one,or ten, of these beautifully handcrafted wooden toys. Made in Europe, these surpasses the Canadian and US safety standards and are made from sustainable wood and non toxic water colour stain. Grimm’s toys are sure to make every playroom bright and every kid hooked. We have this rainbow stacker and my son enjoys counting them, stacking them, knocking them over and building tunnels and making shelters for his farm friends. Gentle Nest has a huge variety to Grimm’s toys which makes it impossible to just pick one.

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Re-Play meal time products:

Holiday Gift ideas for toddlers

Brighten your child’s mealtime with these colourful & vibrant Re Play products. Re play is a one stop shop for all your little one’s meal time needs. Pick from plates, cutleries, bowls and cups available in a rainbow of colours .Re play products are made from recycled milk jugs, that are approved by the FDA. Replay products are eco friendly, pocket friendly, sturdy , BPA free, and are made in USA.

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Lenny Lamb Doll carrier:

Holiday gift ideas for toddlers

Don’t we all love to see our little one imitate us?Lenny Lamb Doll Carriers are a perfect accessory for your child to join you in the baby wearing adventure. Your toddler can now wear his little babies and march along with you. They are made of the same soft fabric that their adult carriers are made of.They are completely safe for your toddler and you can even choose a doll carrier that matches yours!

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Delish Bubble bath:

Holiday gift ideas for toddlers

Does your child enjoy bubble bath? Mine does! My toddler just loves bubble bath and actually looks forward to it everyday. Delish bubble bath comes in a 8 oz bottle with a flip lid. This bubble bath is gentle on your child’s skin, Paraben and preservative free. Pour a small amount into the bath of running water, drop some bath toys into it  and let your child have fun!

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Fat Brain Squigz:

Holiday gift ideas for toddlerThese are suction toys that stick and suck into any surfaces. They POP when you try to pull them out. They are an innovative toy that encourages creativity, fine motor skills an playful experimentation. Enjoy seeing your child’s imagination run wild with these sucky creatures, that takes the form of anything you child can come up with. From building rockets and vehicles, to making them look like their favourite animal, the possibilities are endless with Squigz toys. Made from 100% silicone, these toys are completely safe and provide hours of entertainment for your little one.

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Holiday gift ideas for toddlers

Does your toddler loves a to hide in a corner? Does he have a favourite reading nook?  Then, he will definitely enjoy his own cave aka Teepee. I’m seriously looking to buy a Teepee for my son and I wanted to get them from a local brand or an etsy shop. So I asked my Facebook fans for suggestions and they led me to many amazing shops. I’m going to wait until Black friday sale to get the best deal. Check out these amazing local shops and pick a perfect cozy home for your tod.

Shop at the Mama and Cub creations |Baby Appeal Co.|Whimsy and Kind |Bubba and Blue

Baby parka toddler coat :

Holiday gift ideas for toddlers

Baby Parka toddler coat can be worn as a traditional winter coat or as a poncho. When worn as a poncho, it becomes a car seat safe option that let’s your toddler buckled into their seat without any extra bulk and therefore not compromising the safety of the harness in the car seat. When outside, Baby Parka toddler coat can be worn as a regular winter coat by zipping the zipper located along the sleeve. The toddler coat makes traveling in the winter with a toddler a lot safer and easier!

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