How do Onesize diapers fit at 10lbs?

Like many Cloth Diapering Mama’s I had a self imposed conflict about buying newborn diapers or using One size diapers right from the beginning. I make tiny babies and if history repeats itself I knew I won’t be reaching for OneSizes at least for another 3 months. Princess was born at 5 pounds 15 ounces and I was so glad that I had a newborn stash to start right away. Most of our OneSize diapers stayed out of the range until Princess had hit 8 lbs.

Curious to see how well OS diapers fit at 10lbs? Let’s get started with the diapers I love <3

Funky Fluff :  I think the picture speaks for itself! This was hands down my favourite diaper of the lot. We actually started Funky Fluff even before Princess hit 10lbs. The crossover snaps gives this diaper a perfect fit over tiny waist. The diaper comes with a newborn soaker but that didn’t cut it for my little girl. I used the large soaker folded at the back, that was great for my girl with the much needed absorbency at the back.

Bluberry Simplex: This print I have is ‘Purple Sea horse’ and it is an absolute stunner! It looks lovely on my little girl. As you can see for yourself the fit is great. I have read many reviews on Blueberry OS not working on their babies. Most of them had leg gaps at 10lbs which was not the case for us.

Imagine AIO: Again, a great fit. I would prefer diapers which are narrow in the crotch but it really isn’t that bad . Its just a bigger version of their newborn AIO with a tongue style insert.

Easy Peasies: I like the pocket styles more than the AIO‘s. I could have actually gone one more snap tighter but she was tired of modelling and I was too lazy to redo it 😛 The bamboo insert that comes with the EP pockets were too bulky so I used Amp or AppleCheeks microterry inserts instead.

The AIO is much wider at the crotch. I did not use the snap in booster that comes with it. The sewn in soaker doesn’t flatten out at the smallest rise setting so I had to fold it at the back to curb it in.

How does OneSize diapers fit on a 10b newborn?


BumGenius: The BG’s are my favourite on Prince. We tried the pocket 5.0 and elemental 3.0. I seem to like the AIO design better than the pocket style with Princess. The AIO is trimmer at the crotch than the pockets. I think I stuffed the pockets with both the inserts that’s probably why the diaper looks huge.

Smart Bottoms: We tried both AIO 3.1 and Dream diaper. Both seems to fit alike. I’m not so happy about the fit but it works. I spent a lot of time pulling the wings up to prevent awkward wing drooping. I like diapers that go on and off effortlessly and Smart Bottoms is just isn’t that, so its taking the back seat for now.

How does OneSize diapers fit at 10lbs?

GroVia: I wish I had gotten the Hook & Loop version of hybrid shell. I really like the fit of hybrid Shells. I have been reaching for this diaper every time we pop out. Grab a shell and a couple of soakers and we are all set. It saves so much space in my diaper bag which is crucial when you’re packing for two. While GroVia Hybrids we loved, the AIO’s were a sheer disappointment. We still have room to fit around the legs. GroVia O.N.E is our night time diaper, of course with the Hook & Loop closure. The O.N.E has spared me from middle of the night diaper changes and last us 12 hours with both the soakers.

Glow Bug: We are in between snaps with GlowBug diapers at 10lbs. I could do the cross over snap at the waist but not at the legs. Princess is chubbier at the legs than at the waist and that’s why we are stuck between snaps here. In the picture I’m using Thirsties small hemp prefold. Overall this diaper works great without being too bulky.

SweetPea AIO: This is the bamboo AIO. The tongue style soaker is easy to be folded at the smallest rise. Sometimes I even snap in the additional booster and it still fits great.

AppleCheeks: The OneSize AC is designed to fit babies weighing from 6 lbs. So this cover sure did work well before 10lbs. In the picture Princess is probably around 8lbs. When you use the microterry inserts they are perfect absorbency plus trim. The ruffles look so adorable but we had leaks, leg leaks everytime we use this diaper unless we walk the elastics.

How does OneSize diapers fit at 10lbs?

Rumparooz: love the print, love the fit. we are using the large soaker snapped to the smallest length.

Thirsties : I had high hopes for Thirsties. They have always been my favourite. But I really didn’t like the way it fits Princess here. Is it the double leg gussets? or the way I pulled up the wings? I’m not really sure it just doesn’t seem to work here. May be I will try it again later because it works great on Prince, he is 22 lbs, almost 2 year old.

Nuggles!: Simplee looks bigger than other pocket diapers in my stash so I was pleasantly surprised that it fit without any leg gaps. Just like GlowBugs, we are in an awkward snap setting. I could close the waist with a crossover snap but the leg cross over was just too tight. I would probably wait until she gets a little bigger to use this.

How does OneSize diapers fit at 10lbs?

Was there any Onesize diapers in your newborn stash? Which was your favourite OS diaper you tired on your little one?

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