Newborn cloth diapers at 12lbs

My ittiy bitty baby potatie is not so tiny anymore. She is bouncing out of her fresh newborn stage and flourishing into this beautiful baby girl. She flashes her smile and leaves me dazzled with her battling brown eyes. So I am sad to see her outgrowing newborn diapers with every ounce she gains. So before I pack them and send away to another mama I thought I will make them all appear for a Grand Finale. Here’s one last round up of all those wittle diapers that made each one of those infinite diaper changes a little exciting. As a mom of 2 under 2, I spend an awful lot of time changing diapers and sometimes the only colourful things that happened in my life was these cutesy little diapers and I’m really sad to see them go.

Read along as I leaf through my newborn stash;

1.Smart Bottoms: These are advertised to fit babies weighing from 6 – 16lbs. In our case we hit the max at around 12 lbs. It was getting really tight around legs. But otherwise it is a really well made diaper with organic cotton inside and snap in booster. The hidden pocket to add more absorbency comes very handy because it’s an universal truth that newborns pee’s a lot.

2. Nuggles!: I just love Bittees. I’m saying this not because I am a brand ambassador for Nuggles! Our love affair started even before that. Why do I love them so much? for starters the multi coloured snaps, seriously how cute are those? Those snaps make diaper changes a breeze during those sleep deprived postpartum phase. The diaper is super absorbent as well.

3.Thirsties: Thirsties and I go way back when I started cloth diapering Prince. I was once again impressed by the over all quality of their newborn diaper. Love the separate double layer of semi attached tongue style soaker. I’m not a big fan of their white leg elastics though. The newborn poop seeps through the elastics and it gets stained easily (does come off with a hint of sun).

4.GroVia: This was the only diaper that I struggled to get a good fit around the legs initially. Princess had very skinny legs so we had leg leaks all the time. But once she gained a few ounces this fit perfectly. The organic cotton/hemp tongue style insert was absorbent by itself for the first few weeks after which I had to boost it with GroVia cloth wipes.

Newborn diaper at 12 lbs
From Top to Bottom : Smart Bottoms, Nuggles! Bitees, Thirsties, GroVia.

5. (a)Omaiki Mini O AIO & (b)Sleep diaper: These diapers are made 100% here in Canada. Both the diapers come with a bamboo viscose soaker and lined with Athletic Wicking Jersey for stay dry top. I wasn’t much impressed by the absorbency of these diapers. But I did I like the Sleep diaper more than the AIO.

6. Imagine All in One: This diaper has microfibre as its absorbent core topped with fleece for stay dry effect. For the price of just 15 CAD $ this diaper is a very economical option to build your newborn stash. The lower price tag doesn’t affect its functionality at all, it performs just as effective as others.

7.Easy Peasies: This is the only diaper in my stash that claims to fit babies weighing from 2 lbs. We used it from 7bs and it was perfectly adorable! The little ruffles around the legs and back is utter cuteness! EP’s also sell a newborn booster that can be purchased separately. Be sure to get those!

Newborn diapers at 12lbs
From Top to Bottom: Omaiki Mini O AIO, Omaiki Mini O Sleep, Easy Peasies Little Squish, Imagine AIO

As you can see that we are really stretching with all of these diapers above. Even though they (barely) fit around the waist they are too tight around the legs. They leave red marks around my chubby girl’s legs.

Now let’s talk about the diapers that we would still be using after the 12 pound mark;

8. Funky Fluff: I would call this the Cadillac of newborn diapers! They were loaded with features! The rise snaps that grow with the baby, double row snap closure that lets you stagger the fit around waist and legs, the cross over snaps that fit over tiny waists, super absorbent bamboo soakers, a versatile design that can be used as a pocket, All in Two or All in One, you name it this diaper has that feature. Funky Fluff has covered all the bases with newborn cloth diapering.

9. Blueberry Simplex: There is a reason why this diaper is a universal favourite! The interior is made of organic birds eye cotton that is so soft and super absorbent. The fit of this diaper is effortless. I love the double row snap closure. I just wish this diaper comes with a fleece top lining as organic cotton can feel particularly wet against the skin.

10. Sweet Pea All in One: Another budget friendly diaper with a built-in microfiber soaker. It is an All in One diaper but also has a pocket opening to add boosters. The diaper comes with a microfiber booster to increase absorbency. Diaper is designed to fit until 12lbs but we have been successfully using it well beyond that limit. What I don’t like about this diaper is the poor quality Velcro and the fleece peeping out of the front.

11 .Tots Bots TeenyFit: Tots Bots wins my heart with its adorable nursery prints, easy and sturdy velcro closure and with a true all in one design. This diaper was my go to nap/on the go diaper. we could easily get 3 hours out of it. I find the rise of the diaper to be high so I suspect if I would be able to use this diaper with the umbilical cord.


Newborn diapers at 12lbs
From Top to Bottom : Funky Fluff, Blueberry Simplex, Sweet Pea pocket, Tots Bots TeenyFit

How long did you use your newborn diapers? Which one lasted you the longest? Do share your experience.

*I purchased these products for my personal use. I only share my honest opinions with you. This post may contain affiliate links. I get a small commission when you make a purchase using my affiliate links. It DOES NOT cost you anything extra. Affiliate membership is one of the ways I make money to cover my blogging expense. Thank you for your love and support.*

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