Smart Bottoms dream diaper review

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Before fitted diapers came to live with us, our night time diapers were mainly GroVia O.N.E. I did like the convenience of using an All in One. When Smart bottoms launched their new line of Dream diapers, I went and bought a few to add to our One’s. But, Smart bottom’s went ahead to change some of the features and came out with a better version of dream diapers. Trying these new Dream diapers were on my radar, so I hooked up with Lagoon Baby to present to you the Dream Diaper 2.0. Yes! There is a giveaway too!

Features of Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper 2.0:

  1. All in One design with a pocket opening at the front.
  2. Snap in snake style hemp/cotton insert.
  3. 4 rise setting – Newborn, Small, Medium and Large.
  4. Double snap closure.
  5. Comes fully prepped.
  6. Night time insert available separately.
  7. Made in the U.S.A
  8. Cost – 37 (CAD)

Smart Bottoms dream diaper review


‘Wait! Did you just say that they changed the Original Dream diaper?’ Yes, I did!

But, Why?

Let me tell you a story. A story of how much Smart Bottoms care about their smart nation. Not so long ago, Smart Bottoms launched the Original Dream Diaper. This dream diaper was offered as an upgrade for Smart bottoms 3.1 all in one diaper. What kind of upgrade? For starters, it’s made of hemp /cotton instead of organic cotton in 3.1. And it also has a pocket opening to add more additional absorbency if need be. So when Dream original came out of the box, the people of the Smart nation were all psyched to try this “Dream” diaper. But, alas, it didn’t meet the dream of every smarty pant! Smart bottom users had a few complaints about the Dream diaper.

Then what did Smart Bottoms do? Summoned to slay all those who complained? Heck! NO!

Smart Bottoms carefully made a list of all the improvements that were proposed by it’s their users and came up with better Dream 2.0 which was indeed a dream come true!

(Damn, I’m so good at storytelling, if I may say so)

How is the Dream 2.0 better than the OG?

When I first tried the Smart Bottoms Original diaper (OG), there were two things stood out to me

The diaper is too narrow:

How can that be a problem, right? A trim diaper is every cloth users dream.I think there is a fine line between the diaper being trim and meager that’s just not enough to cover those bum cheeks. The OG was too narrow that it lacked complete bum coverage.

Smart Bottoms dream diaper review

The second issue with OG being too narrow was poop containment. My son, J is a champion pooper, and I could never trust OG to contain all his poop. It wasn’t able to hold all of the poop, and poop would sneak out through the leg elastics.

The dream 2.0 is 1′ inch wider than the OG which hits the sweet spot of being trim while providing ample bum coverage.

A significant improvement between the OG and the Dream 2.0 is the way the PUL flap in the front (near the pocket) is constructed. Take a look at the picture and see for yourself.

OG has an unstitched PUL flap which refuses to stay put. You see that tag peeping out? I hated that!

It can be a big turn off when you’re trying to put that diaper on a baby with ninja skills. It was a bit difficult to fasten the diaper while making sure the PUL was tucked in.I would hold the PUL flap flat with one hand and try to secure one side of the waist snap and then move over to the other side (while still holding the PUL flap). It would take a couple of takes before I could get the diaper on the baby (’cause we all know how cooperative babies are).

Dream 2.0 has a semi-stitched PUL flap in the front. See, how spick-and-span it looks? Now, I should tell you that since the pocket opening is only in the middle, it limits the kind of boosters that you can tuck into the diaper. But, the daytime insert that comes with the diaper is an excellent booster for night time. I don’t think you would need anything more than the day and night insert combo. I was told that boosters from popular brands like Amp, Oko Creations, AppleCheeks, GroVia could be stuffed inside that pocket opening.

What do I love about the Dream Diaper?

All in one with a pocket!

The design of Smart Bottoms Dream diaper 2.0 is undoubtedly the best! Ask me and, I will tell you, that the combination of pocket and All in One style is the best. Why do I like All in ones with pockets? It kind of beats the purpose, doesn’t it?

The reason why I favor this design is that

  •  Although I firmly and truly believe in stuffing pocket diapers as therapy, having two kids in diapers gives me less time to do so.  I’m starting to embrace the grab and go style of diapers like Smart bottoms dream diapers.
  •   And because my said kids are both heavy wetter’s, sometimes most of the times the inbuilt absorbency doesn’t my kid’s needs, and a pocket means I can add a booster to make it work for us.Smart Bottoms dream diaper review

Fits 4 – 40!

If you look at all smart bottoms brand of diapers they all come in a similar design – the too smart cover, 3.1 and the dream diapers – they all come with a four rise setting. They also come with the easy to configure double snap closure. If you are a cloth diaper pro, then wouldn’t mind snapping the extra snaps – hip snap, etc., But if you are new to cloth diapers,  or have someone else sharing the diaper duty, then lesser the snaps the better.


Rolled Elastics!

No more red marks on my baby’s skin thanks to rolled elastics!

Comes fully Prepped!

I don’t know how much that means to me. But obviously, from what I could gather from the different cloth diaper forums, people hate prepping. True to a level. Who wants to wait, wash and repeat ten times before starting to use a diaper, right? Are you surprised I said ten times? You think I’m kidding right? Smart diaper 3.1 made of organic cotton does take up to ten washes to reach a maximum absorbency and who has time for that?

If you like instant bum gratification, then you will probably love the Dream Diaper.

Smart Bottoms dream diaper review

All natural hemp inserts:

If you hover around the different cloth diaper groups, you might have noticed how people sing praises of hemp inserts. That’s because is the King when it comes to absorbency. Hemp holds 2.5 times more than a microfiber insert. Hemp is worth all the praise and worth its weight in gold.

Dream night time insert:

This review would be incomplete without the mention of Smart Bottoms dream night time insert. With 16 layers of hemp/cotton absorbency, this insert is one meaty absorbent night time solution for your heavy wetter. The dream insert comes in 4 separate layers of hemp fabric which are only stitched at the top. There are snaps at the top of the insert, that snap to the dream diaper. The stay dry lining on the top layer of the insert helps to keep my babies dry all through the night. You can opt out of using the stay dry layer if you need natural hemp fibers against the bum.

Smart Bottoms dream diaper review

The long-term problem with night-time solutions is ammonia build up resulting in stink issues. With fitted diapers, all the layers are sewn together, which makes it tricky for the water to pass through each layer and get it cleaned. That’s why it’s great to have night time solutions which have individual layers like the dream insert. With the dream insert, I can be sure that every layer of the hemp is cleaned thoroughly and effectively.


With the Dream insert, you can fold the layers and add more absorbency at the back. For my girl, A, I don’t do any fancy folding, the Dream insert proved to be quite absorbent as is. But, I have started adding the day-time insert as a booster for my son. He is waking up in the middle of the night and gulping water, so I need extra protection! I stuff one half of the booster inside the pocket and fold the rest in the front. You have to check that this extra bulk is not creating leg gaps when you fasten the diaper. I scoop the inserts in and spread the PUL out to get a snug fit around the legs.

In spite of offering heavy duty absorbency, this diaper is relatively trim.

Smart Bottoms dream diaper review

What I like less about the Dream Diaper:

The cost:

The cost of the dream diaper is on the upper side than most of the other similar All In One’s (a couple of dollars more). The higher price tag is due to higher quality of materials that are used to build the diaper. I can’t think of any other AIO that offers the absorbency of hemp, and that comes fully prepped.

The Dream diaper costs 37 Canadian dollars, and this price point is not affordable for everyone. Add to it the night time insert (14); you are paying a little over 50 dollars for a night time solution. This price can be justified if you have a very heavy wetter and all the other night-time solutions that work for you are also around the same price range.

And for those of you who only use this diaper for night time, the day-time insert can be sitting there collecting dust. Agreed, you can use the day-time insert as a booster, but the dream night insert is quite absorbent on its own, and more often than not, you might not need to boost it at all. And, even in the rare case, that you do need to boost, any booster from any brand (like mentioned above) will work just fine.

So, from a customer point of view, I would like an option to choose either the day-time or the night-time insert.

Smart Bottoms dream diaper review

Why should you buy it?

  • If you an avid Smart bottoms 3.1 user looking for a more absorbent all in one that can potentially be a night-time solution, then Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper 2.0 is a great option to consider.
  • If you have a heavy wetter and would love to try some easy to use, all in one’s for night-time use; then I would highly recommend Smart Bottoms Dream 2.0 even for the heaviest of wetters.
  • If you insist on using natural fibers and don’t want to deal with the stink issues that come with synthetic microfibre inserts, and this is even more important to you when it comes to choosing a night-time solution, then you will not regret spending your money on the Dream 2.0 diaper.
  • If you know the importance of keeping money local, and supporting North American businesses, then your Smart Bottoms is a great brand to spend your money, and you can even promote local Canadian business by shopping with Lagoon baby.

I hope I helped you understand the different features of Smart Bottoms Dream diaper 2.0 and why it can be a reliable night time solution that will work for you and your baby. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or message me through my Facebook page. If you’d like to try Smart Bottoms Dream diaper 2.0, you can use my affiliate link to shop from Lagoon Baby.


Natalie at Lagoon Baby is also generously sponsoring a giveaway for my readers. You can win a Smart Bottoms Dream diaper – print of your choice (in stock only). Open to US/Canada, 18+ only.

Smart Bottoms dream diaper review



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