There are a very few newborn diapers that we are still using at around 12 lbs mark and the Blueberry Simplex newborn AIO in one of them. When I was in the market looking for newborn diapers for Princess, almost every Cloth diapering Mama that I knew of rhapsodized about Blueberry newborn Simplex diapers. Well, one can’t simply wave aside these wise women’s counsel, and I’m glad I took their word for it. Now I know what’s all those enthuse about these diapers were. So here I am about to impart my knowledge to you!

Blueberry Simplex Newborn Diaper review


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The Blueberry Newborn Simplex is an All In One design. But I would say it’s not the truest AIO of its kind. A legitimate AIO is one where the absorbent soakers are entirely sewn into the diaper. But the Simplex diaper is different in a sense that it combines the convenience of an ALL in One while providing the absorbency customization of a pocket diaper. Best of both worlds? I sure would say so! The outer layer of this diaper is a waterproof layer of PUL. The inner and the absorbent soaker are made of 100% (birdseye) organic cotton twill.

Blueberry Simplex Newborn Diaper review


This diaper stays true to its name; it is rather simple and easy to use. I lean more towards velcro closure for newborns, but this diaper has nearly got me snap-verted. It comes in a 2-row snap closure, the top row of snaps are your waist snaps and the lower ones are your leg snaps. I love the 2-row closure because it lets me get a desired fit around the waist and legs.

Blueberry Simplex Newborn Diaper review
The Simplex diaper has an umbilical cord snap down button which when snapped down keeps the diaper away from touching the cord area. The diaper comes with pocket opening both at the front and back which makes it easier to stuff boosters to increase absorbency. The organic cotton soaker is semi-attached to the diaper lining. The tongue style soaker can be either stuffed inside the pocket or laid merely over the diaper lining. The leg elastics are “rolled” or “non-encased” that’s nothing frightening. Remember to run your fingers and tuck in the diaper lining around the legs.

Blueberry Simplex Newborn Diaper review

(A) Back pocket opening (B) rolled lag elastics (C) Front pocket opening with PUL tummy panel

Fit & Absorbency:

The diaper fits great on Princess right from 7lbs to 12 lbs and everywhere in between. I was surprised to see this diaper fit so well at the smaller weight range as it did not have any rise snaps. Somehow this diaper magically shrinks to fit even tiny babies (unicorns and leprechauns at work?!?!). As I mentioned earlier the double row of snaps serves us very well. Princess is a little chubbier at the legs than around the waist, with the double row of snaps I can loosen up a little around the legs and tighten it up at the waist.

Bluebery Simplex Newborn Diaper

The absorbency of this diaper is outstanding. The thirsty 12 layers of organic cotton in the wet zone translate to three hours of uninterrupted nap in the real world. The one thing that I always ask for in any diaper is a stay dry top layer. The Onesize Simplex comes with free stay dry top, and all I wish for mini simplex is the same.

Blueberry Simplex Newborn Diaper review

What I Love:

  • High-quality diaper made in North America
  • Designed to fit babies weighing from 6 – 16lbs.
  • Waterproof outer and inner layer made of organic cotton.
  • 12 layers of absorbency in the wet zone.
  • Pocket opening both at the front and back to add boosters.
  • Semi-attached tongue style inserts that come out while washing and dries faster.
  • Waist and leg snaps that can be staggered to get the desired fit.
  • Umbilical cord snap down button.

What I would love to see:

  • Just a stay dry lining on top, please?


I had high hopes about this diaper, and it certainly lived up to it. The diaper retails for 24CAD. The higher price point is justified by the fact that you are getting a high quality diaper that lasts longer than many newborn diapers.

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