Bummis has always been a very trusted brand. Their products have gone through the testing of time, and they all stand apart. Bummis have carved out a unique place in the Cloth diaper market. Their cotton prefolds is quintessential in every cloth diaper stash! They keep adding fresh designs and new products to keep up with modern trends. Bummis recently launched their newly designed All in One diaper called the Pure. So if you stay with me, I will tell you why its pure love! Also, be sure to enter the giveaway below!

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Design of Bummis All in One – Pure

The diaper is designed and made here in Montreal, Canada. Pure is designed as an All in One diaper, where all the parts of the cloth diapers come assembled as a single piece. You only have to wash and put this diaper on the bum; there is no additional work of snapping or stuffing whatsoever.
1. Outer waterproof PUL
2. 6 layers of absorbency – three layers of cotton terry sewn in soaker and three layers of tongue style bamboo/cotton soaker.
3. The top layer is made of AWJ lining for a stay dry effect.
4. Pocket opening at the front to add more absorbency if needed.
5. Dual snap closure.
6. 4 levels of rise snaps that offers the newborn, small, medium and large size.
7. Price – 27.95 CAD/ 23.95 US

Bummis all in one cloth diaper

What I love about Bummis Pure All in One:

I’m so excited to tell you all my favorite things about Bummis Pure:

Fits 10 – 35+ pounds:

Bummis has four rise settings, and it offers four size options – newborn, small, medium and large. By looking at ‘Pure,’ one might think there is no way this is going to fit a 1o pound baby, but it does! By ‘pulling the wings’ up Pure can be made to fit a ten-pound baby effortlessly. Also, Bummis Pure is sure to last until your kid potty trains.

 Athletic wicking jersey: 

Stay dry layers come in different forms – some brands have microfleece, microsuede and the newest and latest and greatest AWJ. Up until recently I never quite understood how excellent AWJ material is for cloth diapers. I’m a big fan of using fleece lined diapers, and it is important to me that my kids bum feel dry and not soggy with pee. Fleece is a material that can make you feel warm, the more I think about it, the less I want my babies, especially my boy, wearing a fleece lined diaper. Enter AWJ! AWJ is a material that you find sports people wear; it makes them feel breezy as well as dry. Did I mention that the AWJ fabric is colored and it matches the trim of the diaper? That’s so pretty!

Bamboo interior means more absorbency:

The Pure is more absorbent than the older Bummis All in One’s, of course, thanks to the bamboo/cotton blend of the soaker. Bummis ‘Pure’ has three layers of cotton terry absorbency sewn into the diaper. Cotton terry is a very absorbent material, and it absorbs very quickly. Cotton terry doesn’t let the pee pool at the top, readily absorbs it in and thus preventing leg leaks. Pure also has three layers of 70% bamboo and cotton tongue style soaker which is attached at the front end of the diaper. You can choose to stuff this soaker inside the pocket opening, thus ensuring a stay dry effect for your kids or choose to lay the soaker at the top. If you are potty training your child, having the natural fiber at the top is an excellent choice to make then feel wet.

Bummis All in one front and back

Quicker  Drying:

One of the problems that I had with Bummis (older) all in ones is that they took forever to dry. Especially the cotton soaker that was inside. I had to pull out and expose it to the air to make it dry faster. If you throw your diapers into the dryer, you wouldn’t probably notice too much of a difference, but since I almost always line dry, my older Bummis diaper were the last one to dry. However, I’m so happy to see that this is not the case with the Pure.  The Pure is almost dry after a day of line drying.

Bum Coverage:

This is crucial for my kids! They poop A LOT! and I need a diaper that offers a lot of room at the back and strong elastics at the legs to keep everything in place. Bummis ‘Pure’ offers the perfect coverage for mega poops. The leg elastics are very soft, fits snug and seals around lean thighs without leaving any gaps. The double snap closure is great for getting a customized fit around the waist and legs.

Bummis old all in one vs the new Pure

Pocket opening:
Gotta love an AIO that lets you add more absorbency. Pure All in One comes with a pocket opening at the front, ideal pocket placement if you ask me. There is no need of touching the yucky stuff when there is poop. Did I need to reach for more absorbency? Well, yes and No! Bummis ‘Pure’ on its own gave us a solid three hours of absorbency, and my kids are slightly on the heavy wetting side. But, if I ever needed to leave the house, I added a booster to be on the safer side.


Price point:

For all the features this diaper offers, you would expect the price to be on the higher side. That’s where Bummis makes the deal even sweeter. The diaper only costs 23.95 US which is a great price point for this diaper. In my personal opinion, compared to all other North American All in One diapers, Bummis Pure has better features with a very reasonable price tag.

Bummis all in one on a 3 year old

What is like less about Bummis ‘Pure’:

A minor issue would be the way the diaper fits my kids. Both my kids are very lean. So the diaper looks a little bulky at the front. This is pretty common for diapers that have only two snaps in the rise settings, and I see that awkward diaper protruding out with ‘Pure’ as well. However, you can only notice it if you are looking for it. It is purely aesthetic, and I can definitely choose to ignore this minor flaw for all the great features ‘Pure’ offers.

Over all:

Bummis Pure is a very reliable diaper that is made to last! The durability of this diaper is reflected on the way this diaper is made, how it feels on hand and performs. With a very affordable price tag, Pure is one of the All in One diaper that i absolutely recommend to trying. I honestly, don’t know what more one can ask in an All in One diaper! Stay dry lining, quick absorbing cotton terry, bamboo cotton to hold more pee, and a design that is well built and durable – Bummis Pure has it all.

Where to Shop Bummis Pure:

Baby FootPrint ,Alberta

Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot , Alberta

Cloth Diaper Kids, Alberta

CozyBums , BC

Lagoon Baby, BC


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Bummis All in One diaper