Are you having wavering thoughts about cloth diapering and skeptical whether it will suit your lifestyle? Well, there are many products or accessories that are available to make cloth diapering a piece of cake.

I have discussed some of these products which I think can make a huge difference and help you cloth diaper successfully.

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1. Cloth wipes:  If you are using cloth diapers it makes so much sense to switch to cloth wipes. You can just throw them in the laundry along with your diapers and save the cost on disposable wipes. You can use your old wash clothes or cut up a fleece cloth to makes these wipes.

2. Wet bag:  Biggest challenge in cloth diapering is how do I store all the dirty diapers when I’m out and about. Wet bags does this job for you. They are leak proof and odour proof. They come in different size, design and style. Not just diapers you can literally use this to store any thing wet like soiled clothes, swim suits, wet towels etc.,

3.Liners:  Are you spooked about poop? Then liners are your best friend. You don’t have to deal with poop messes if you are using liners. You can simply flush them out. Liners made of fleece are excellent moisture absorbent which keeps your baby dry. Liners protect your diaper from diaper creams and stains. Simply place the liner on top of your diaper and you are good to go. you can cut up fleece cloths to make liners of desired size.

4.Wool dryer balls:  You cannot use fabric softener or dryer sheets to your cloth diaper laundry as they can void your diaper warranty. Wool dryer balls are a great natural alternative to the plastic ones. Adding wool balls to the dryer not only keeps your diapers soft but it also helps reducing your laundry time. They might be expensive but consider it as an investment.

5.Spray pal and diaper sprayer: This is one of the best invention that’s makes cloth diapering a breeze. Spray pal takes out the yucky factor in cloth diapering. You can simply attach  diaper to the spray and spray it off using a diaper sprayer. No touching or worrying about pool spills.

6.Baby leggings:  Diaper changes can be onerous when you have wiggly baby (and which baby isn’t). Baby leggings make diaper changes so easy plus they look so darn cute. Leggings are also available to match your diaper.

Is there anything that you would like to add to this list? which is your favorite cloth diaper accessory? Please share your comments.