Back in the days when I was born I was exclusively cloth diapered using traditional nappies which were nothing but cotton clothes turned into what looked like folded handkerchiefs. That was the only option that was primarily available those days. Many families in India still follow this method of diapering.

But things have come a long way when it comes to cloth diapers. Cloth diapers now come in many fancy forms. There are various options that are available so that one can choose which will be more suitable for them.

I started my research about diapers only when I was pregnant with my son. I was trying to forecast our expenses after my baby arrives. Only then did I realize how much it costs to use disposables. The more I read about disposables I became aware of the chemicals used in them and the harmful side effects it can cause to my baby. I started looking for a better option. Cloth diapers satisfied all the criteria I was looking for – safer, cheaper and ecofriendly. So here I am to share with you my thought process behind why I choose cloth for my son.

Cloth diapers are safe, economical and eco-friendly.

They are safe:

Disposables contain many harmful chemicals. Your baby’s sensitive skin can absorb these chemicals into their bodies. Dioxin and SPA sodium polyacrylate present in the disposables are found to cause many health issues including cancer, hormonal imbalance ,infertility, asthma and other respiratory disorders, endometritis, skin allergies, chemical burns, toxic shock syndrome etc., An average child is in his diapers until the age of 2.5. Now imagine exposing your baby to these chemicals for 2.5 years 24 hours a day?

Cloth diapers are safe and do not contain harsh chemicals. It is easier to know if your baby is wet and you change them as soon as they are wet. You can relax knowing that there are no chemicals touching your baby’s sensitive area.

They are economical:

Cloth diaper may not look cheap. Some branded cloth diapers even cost 30$ per diaper.  There is an initial investment when it comes to cloth diapering. But unlike disposables where you spend and spend and build a pile of thrash, cloth diapers can be used for many children and also has a re sale value. Going by rough estimates diapering a child using disposables would cost anywhere between 2000$ to 3000$, whereas using cloth diapers would cost between 100$ to 600$. Even after adding utilities and other accessories I believe one would end up saving lots of money using cloth diapers.


This is where disposables might seem to earn a point. What is more convenient than throwing garbage? Cloth diapers require constant maintenance. They need to be washed, dried, folded and kept ready for next use. Laundering cloth diapers can scare most people who would want to try cloth diapers. In my experience it is not as bad as it sounds. Once you get a hang of it it’s as simple as any other chores.

Eco friendly:

Cloth diapers are not only pocket friendly but also eco-friendly. According to Environment Canada four million disposables end up in landfill each day. It takes nearly 500 years for disposables to decompose. And undecomposed human wastes serve as a breeding ground for various diseases. By choosing cloth diapers you are making this world a better place.


Modern cloth diapers come in various style and designs. Babies look so damn cute in their fluffy butt.

It makes so much sense to at least give cloth diapers a shot.You don’t have to switch to cloth full time, for starters you can use cloth part time, during the day time to get familiarized with them. Even using one cloth diaper a day for a year means 365 less disposables in the landfill. Choose what is better for your baby, your finances and for the environment – choose cloth!