Gift your Child a Grimm's toy { Review}

I’m in awe of beautifully crafted handmade items. It runs in the family; my dad, his dad, and my great grandfathers were artisans. They crafted gorgeous jewelry and made exquisite woodworks. As a kid, I always cherished the products that my dad handcrafted for me. Though I admired the works of his hand, I’m ashamed to admit that I did not inherit a bit of his skill. So for my kids, I do the next best thing, I choose to buy handmade things. Since I’m setting up Little Man’s playroom, I was on the lookout for quality hand-made wooden toys to add to his toy collection.

I always have envied one particular toy brand, every time it showed up on my Instagram feed, I would go banana’s over them So, when Melanie from Gentle Nest, offered Grimm’s rainbow stacker for review, I jumped on it (literally). I’m probably more excited about Grimm’s toys more than my son. When the package arrived, I opened it with utmost curiosity, to find a beautiful, vibrant rainbow stacker crafted with love and packaged with care.


Grimm's toy Review


My son instantly fell in love with this enticing rainbow stacker.He immediately spelled out all the colors, began to count them one by one. Grimm’s toys encourage open-end play and promote creativity. These toys become anything and everything that a child wants them to be. Every single day, Little Man discovers a different way to play with these toys. One day, he builds a tall tower by stacking the pieces, knocks them over, only to stack them up again. He and his little sister get a kick out of knocking the tower!

The other day, he was dressing his little sister as a Princess and these stackers became the crown for her tiny head. The next day, tunnels are built making way for his cars, buses & trains to pass through. When his farm animals needed shelter, this little farmer builds a gate to keep his herd safe. Can you imagine what a proud mom I was, looking at all the ingenious ways he came up with to play with the toys?I was truly amazed to see how his little brain works and every single day I’m curious to see what all he comes up with this single piece of toy.


His little sister is also very tantalized by this rainbow stacker. Grimm’s toys are light yet sturdy. She enjoys picking one away when her brother his stacking them and she loves knocking it down along with her brother. But the thing she loves the most is putting them in her mouth. Grimm’s toys do not contain any additives, therefore is ideal for teething.

I inspected these toys myself, I just got curious to see what makes these toys insanely popular. My son has a variety of wooden toys in his collection- Hape, Plan toys and Mellisa & Doug, but none of these toys quite compare to how Grimm’s toys look & feel. Grimm’s toys are made from a sustainable wood source, stained with a non-toxic water-based color and coated with a non-toxic plant based oil. You can even see the pattern of the wood over the paint and this gives these toys a unique tactile feel.


Grimm’s toys are a bit pricey when compared to other similar wooden toys, but they are worth every single penny! Isn’t it better to invest in a toy that your kid’s keep coming back to, rather than a having a pile of toys that are seldom played with and collecting dust?¬†Think about it! How many toys have you bought your kids and try to remember how many times they actually play with it? Grimm’s toys evoke curiosity and are sure to keep your child engaged for hours. They foster a rich ‘learn through play’ environment.
In my opinion, every child needs at least one Grimm’s toy (or all of them?). Gentle Nest has a lot of collection and Melanie keeps bring in new products. I’m all over her monochromatic collection (swoon!). I might actually put that down as my Christmas gift ;)(Yes! my list!)

If I have to do it again, I will choose the large rainbow stacker! Not that I don’t like the medium size, It’s awesome, but I can’t stop thinking how exquisite the large one would be. SO MUCH FUN! SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!! If you still haven’t decided on what to get your toddler this Christmas, then put a Grimm’s toy under the tree.

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