Born Smart by Smart Bottoms is a newborn All  In  One cloth diaper which fits babies from 6 – 16 lbs. The diaper consists of waterproof outer PUL, and the interior natural organic cotton. Made in the USA, this diaper comes in a lot of adorable prints and solid colors.

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Let’s go quickly over the features of Smart Bottoms Newborn diaper:

  • Outer waterproof PUL.
  • 100% organic cotton interior.
  • 4 layers of organic cotton sewn into the diaper, with another 4 layers of snap-in insert.
  • Umbilical cord notch.
  • 2 levels of rise snaps to fit babies from 6 – 16 lbs
  • Price – 18 US/22.40 CAD.

What I love about Born Smart Diaper:

Two rows of Rise snaps & Umbilical cord snap:

The Born Smart diaper has two rows of rise snap. We started using this diaper in the lowest rise setting when my daughter was just 6 lbs. And, it fit very chicken legs pretty well. Her umbilical cord was fallen off by the time I tried this on her, but I’m sure the cut out for umbilical cord, wouldn’t have bothered her even if it was there.
smart bottoms newborn cloth diaper review

Incredible Absorbency:

‘Born Smart’ offers two levels of absorbency. The diaper has a sewn in soaker that is made of four layers of organic cotton. What I love about this diaper is that it comes with an additional snap in insert that offers another four layers of absorbency. Another feature that I absolutely love is the pocket opening. I didn’t need extra absorbency for regular day to day use, the eight layers of cotton were more than enough for my newborn who I was changing every 2 hours. But when my girl started sleeping longer stretches, I would boost this newborn diaper. I would fold a cloth wipe and stuff it inside the pocket. I have even used a Bummis newborn prefold as a booster, sure it does get bulky, but we got four leak free hours.

The snap-in insert also let you customize absorbency. My girl would pee through the back of the diaper. At times I have noticed that the front of the diaper is still dry while the back is entirely soaked. To tackle this, I fold the insert to add more absorbency to the back.

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Non Cased Elastics:

The first time I used this diaper, it leaked straight through the legs. I initially thought it was because I haven’t fully prepped the diaper. But even after washing it ten times, it kept leaking through the legs. After reading some review on the internet, I learned that ‘Born Smart’ has non encased leg elastics. Non-Encased? What does that even mean? It just means that the elastics aren’t stitched the whole way. Some even call this kind of elastics, rolled elastics. These elastics are actually awesome once you know a little trick to tuck the sides to prevent wicking to clothes. If you have a chunky baby, then you’d love these elastics as they don’t leave red marks on your baby’s thighs.

What I like less?


As with any other organic material this diaper needs prepping. If you are lazy like me, then this would be your least favorite part of cloth diapering. I’m a wash once and put it straight on the bum girl, and this diaper was really testing my patience. This diaper needs to be washed over and over again (around ten times) to make it fully absorbent. Now, who has time for that? Honestly, I couldn’t commit to prepping this thoroughly before using. I just make sure to change it sooner (after a pee) until the diaper was fully prepped.


The diaper comes with snap closure only. I love snap closure with my one size diapers but when it comes to changing newborns I prefer hook and loop closure more than snaps. Another thing that bugs me is the organic cotton top layer. I mean, I love the absorbency of organic cotton. But, I always look for a stay dry layer to keep my babies nice and dry.


The Smart Bottoms Born Smart retails for 22.40 CAD which is a decent price for an newborn all in one considering the versatility this diaper offers.

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Smart Bottoms Newborn Cloth Diaper Review